Saturday, November 7, 2015

random thoughts


As to saving musical arts in the USA we need two things; funding and grassroots support.
Funding; Unfortunately the Internet and computer folks don't give much or anything to the arts.
Orchestras and opera companies strive to connect with the audience through the latest sound fashion, or through artists in residence, etc, and other newsworthy events, when the focus should be on training and supporting music teachers in the K-12 schools.  Look no music teachers, no future audience. NCLB has done great damage here and unless those tech companies start ponying up, well that is our world right now.


It has occurred to me that the most important opera that has influenced all American opera is Verdi's Falstaff. There are several reasons for this the view that a composers work is cumulative advancement that is that the last work represents the best practice.  Every older work is then outdated and unworthy of study.  The lack of song in recent opera is noticeable and its sometimes replacement by a fourth stream music pop song/classical combo has yet to reap dividends. 

Besides the question of style all American operas seem set text exactly the same way--event underscore event-underscore etc. That is only one idea is dramatized at a time.
This ignores the musical advances of the 19 century and earlier where contradictory musical ideas and emotions can occur simultaneously not to mention the theatrical advances up to the 1960's.

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