Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random thoughts about music on the net

We have always privileged presenters over artists in music.  (Hence the push for new musicians to be entrepreneurs). Right now the net has grown into one of the largest repositories of music.  
On the net Music is content and someone is going to make money from that content.
Period.  If its not the artists getting paid then its going to be the web providers (the presenters).
Those who think that music on the net is free are kidding themselves because the whole apparatus of the net and its inherent costs, subscriptions, and fees are required before you can download or listen to anything.

The all encompassing scale of content that these providers present is the end result of the destruction of the relationship with the artist.  Its the presenters profits that are based on this destruction.  Its just the same as when the profits of scale destroy businesses that feature relationships, i.e. mom and pop stores.  Relationships are expensive to maintain as they require time and husbandry, and dare I say it, you have to care about the artist.  

Not much profit in that. 
Applying scale to music is the Wallmarting of art.

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