Thursday, June 26, 2014

about Klinghoffer

 This so reminds me the Paul de Man episode; the supporters  support,  the haters hate.  Besides the music there is, at least for me, one problem with this work.

"This is a straw man."

No actually its Mr. Klinghoffer a real person and a victim.  To my knowledge the authors chose not to get the permission of the Klinghoffer  family to use his name.  That falls under the category of cultural appropriation.   This is a mistake especially as other characters in the opera are fictionalized.  I suppose what the Klinghoffer family experience is not much different from what Native Americans have been experiencing for some time.  Mr. Klinghoffer is executed in a depiction he did not chose to illustrate someone else's reading of these tragic events.

Why use his name at all?

Anyway, this is not an isolated case.  Cultural appropriation is the dirty little secret of the entertainment industry.  Many award wining films, plays, books and their respective actors etc. take part.

Running roughshod over the oppressed to tell their story is simply wrong.

Right now their are protests to Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson in MN for similar reasons.

Phil Fried
Sadly, political battles have very little to do with the truth.

No sonic prejudice.

Phil Fried

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