Thursday, February 16, 2012

new york times-about musicology

Ok so I read this in the NYT. A symposium in honor of  Richard Taruskin.  (With whom I mostly disagree).  It seems that there is some gnashing of teeth over the "Barbarians at the gate."  

I don't understand the correlation that new blood in the profession  means the marginalization of the trained composer.  


This seems to be two different issues; the story and who is telling it.  Are Musicologists trapped by exclusive authenticity to create a party line?  Or be single issue?  Mr. Berger has a point (point of view) as does Ms. McClary (outreach).  Still, like multiculturalism excluding the poor, something is left out here.  Something remains hidden.  Yet the end result is the same; trained composers and their work are marginalized.   

In the past Musicologists presented the truth, now they only lead you to the truth.

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