Thursday, July 7, 2011

staying positive

Its been a struggle.  Lets face it 0 for 7 for grants. A world that's not that interested in seeing the urgency of this moment. Music education included.  The false assumption that what happens is what is right. People have no short term memory and forget the lesson of David Amram, Elizabeth Swados. and the many other composers of the moment.

  1. The City Opera has staked their future on an amateur composer.
  2. The Met is interested in raw beginners.
In the case of 1. I hope they are getting a lot of money from the composer and perhaps the Canadian government as well.

In the case of 2. It must be remembered that what seems to be new, Murder orchestrated on the internet by avatar, is perhaps too close to a work like "The Shop Around The Corner, or She Loves Me"  That is the question of relationships strung together by anonymity is not new.  

Of course my observations don't matter as the reception of these works are a forgone conclusion.

Not enough new work is produced to create alternative voices.  My voice included.
Its easy to criticize others I know but I do have some work to show.  I know that there is a place for me at the table.

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