Friday, June 17, 2011

well this needs a short update --the New Rococo

It always seemed to me that the composers who created "experimental music" were strictly conservative. So much of this music (acoustic or electric) is strictly tonal and unadventurous no matter the style.  

The gesture composers seem to come from a negative and a positive.

Positive: to create their own sonic world from scratch, just like Schoenberg or Varese.
Negative:  because they hate that music.

The unintended consequence is that now everyone wants to create their own sonic world from scratch and low and behold they all sound the same.  Hence the title the new Rococo. What I mean is the Rococo was a time where everyone, and I mean everyone, composed in a new style that ended up being not an end in itself but a transition.  The music was popular for a time and completely  forgettable.

Schoenberg's music which had a long slow climb and some short vogues and real and constant opposition.  Motion music had no opposition and was aided by corporate support from tobacco and alcohol companies.   Motion music's virtue is that its anything but serial music.  Oddly the sound is associated with a cool intelligence, that is its visual cue in movies etc. Whereas serial music visual cue is intense emotion.

A few more notes about the older post:
  1. the enemy of my enemy is my friend - the enemy being trained composers who compose dissonant music.
  2. The basis of motion music is not classical music but popular music.
  3. Consonance is not tonality. 

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