Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the more things change--NMB does new opera --again!

Ok its this folks the difference between a classical composer and a sound artist is this:
  1. Technique is the basis of all classical music, even experimental music, and even Opera.
  2. Technique, in all arts and for all its history, is just another style for the sound artist.   
The recent trend of incomprehensibility in new music theater is not an evolution of opera but rather a devolution. 

That is because the sound artist/composer has no other choice but to be incomprehensible.  They lack the musical tools. Their work is modeled on other incomprehensible works, or is just a one off.  Yet it is amazing how similar all these works are.  Sadly and again this work is not an Opera -why does it have to be?-no voice, and no interest in the voice, no music no character (well perhaps a tiny bit but not defined by the music or voice)  really this work is a visual Tableau. 
The main focus besides the visual is on the editorial explanation of the work which is impossible to understand from the performance itself.
Yet the fact is that these works get performed whereas works by trained composers go begging and win the Pulitzer prize.

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