Friday, March 25, 2011

Flying Blind

Well you see its typical for me to compose vocal music all at once --that is I write the libretto or text as I compose the music. I weld them together.  Sometimes I have the text first.  This inspires me. So.. Ok, I get started on another Opera Bob comedy duet--late Wagner this time--with the title--Lets Not and Say We Did! 
The idea was Siegfried or something like him shows up, asking our soprano to give up her immortality to raise his brats clean his house wait on his mother in law etc etc. So she says Lets not and say we did, pointing out that that stuff never actually happens in the opera at least not the last 278,000 plus times they tried it.  If its not on stage it doesn't happen for a character--just talk see. 

So I start it and before I know it I have 7 minutes of music, vocal lines too, and no text.  Can't think of one good rhyme.  Yet the work gets longer and is almost finished, if you can say a late Wagner scene gets finished.

Waiting on the text..Who  knows where it will go?  I'll keep you posted.

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