Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well there they go again....

"...The London audience ate it up. But so did I, .....The ovations were tumultuous...". 

"...can probably claim to be breaking new ground in the scene in which Anna Nicole receives breast-implant surgery ..."
“The libretto has countless lines that cannot be printed in a family newspaper or Web site. And ‘Anna Nicole’ revels shamelessly in the crass, sleazy side of American culture, which may be too easy a target.”

"..Besides, I doubt that Her Majesty will be attending this show..." 

Well so far its seem that my crystal ball is working. The folks who love music won't like it. Visual visual visual. The music merely window dressing.
Of course there is nothing sleazy about the English setting a sleazy American story.   Nothing crass in the United Kingdom.   As for Jazz I think we have more debt to Andre Kostelanetz than Andre Previn whose Street Car Named Desire. is obviously in the picture.

Really this is a musical masquerading as an opera.

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