Monday, January 10, 2011

Reading other people's blogs

Of course these mostly concern the mainstream.  Something I only have tangential experience with.

What did I learn?
  1. That the chosen few are upset that their, and their friends, puff pieces in major publications aren't slavish enough. 
  2. That the new music world is still deadly serious. No sense of humor.
  3. That its good to be friends with Yoko Ono and to mention it frequently.
  4.  That the vital serial music I compose is irrelevant.
  5. That the music education crises does not exist other than opportunities for important people to be an artist in residence.
  6. Only those who have a club membership or University position, or both, have the right to an opinion on serial music.  Even if they don't compose it or like it.
  7. That the opera world is in "good" hands.
  8. Insiders pretend to be outsiders.
  9. For that matter any kind of criticism of  insider composers is off limits.
  10. New Music Box a  non commercial  music blog and voice of the AMC is ignored.
  11. The successful are good. 
  12. There is no urgency to maintain a balance of styles or opinions.  Only an arena to take advantage of.

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