Friday, January 14, 2011

A bucket of perversity - new music embraces the star system

I think the title say it all. 
What is the difference between new music and the new music scene from before and now?

Though the percentages of music created in different styles might change a bit with every generation those styles endure.  They have for some time now.  So every generation presents a different and particular stylistic focus to their new music. 

Besides the music, it used to be that we admired new music folks because of their ability and knowledge.
Now its all about their (alleged) popularity. There is now a whole bunch of official unofficial performance spaces where the mainstream avant-garde, from the best schools, hold court. 

And what was the price to pay for this manufactured success?
No serial music.No counterpoint.  An unquestioned adherence to the mainstream. Dropping any music that might question this new music's need to be inspired by popular music.
The seriousness of the older generation remains, yet it is the sizzle that gets that focus not the steak.  

Focus on the performers not the composers. 
They are glamorous aren't they?  They do tend to be a little older than the composers who merely pass through.  The performers maintain a career while the composers come and go.

The cost of the new music excludes production outside the University/Institutional/Millionaire complex.  

Since today's critical focus is only on this mainstream other voices that might be viable are ignored. 

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