Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Heard

I suppose that at some point you just get tired of not being heard.  That said all things being equal, usually not, institutional performances are political plums. Bad music pushes out the good through sheer numbers and the status quo..... blah blah blah....

Enough of that line of thought.

My Fathers collected recordings are here.  Louis "Leo Freed" Fried All except the original cast of Carousel.  You can buy that.
To here him sing is not something that I can't explain.  In my early years his voice was not quite this.

It is my Fathers voice.

What can one say?

My recordings are also here.  Necessity for this?---Now that The classical lounge joins AOL and geocities in extinction.  Many more to come.  As the web becomes explicitly and complicity the exclusive handmaiden to big media.

Phil Fried

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