Thursday, November 11, 2010

The status quo saves music?

Or the more things change the more they stay the same.

The idea that an advance in marketing equals an advance in art is fatuous.
Most of the organizations listed are doing nothing new. Those sited for “new music” present cross overs into popular music. That in itself is not a bad thing yet there is a musical bias against music centered works. Music is just overlaid on the more important text and visual elements.

The conservative nature of these endeavors is masked in a package of newness that is a hollow and empty thing. The empty promise that through mere activity art will eventually turn up. As if short term relevance or coolness replaces artistic content. The self described popularity of some of these activities is not predicated on the newness of the materials but rather on the freshness of the presentation. Which in itself is not new either. What was the Minnesota Opera in the days of H. Wesley Balk is no more.  How soon they forget.  Still it's a fine institution.  

Fortunately the forces listed are not the only games in town

Also the statistics by percentages are misleading as they do not seem to include the increases in population??

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