Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alt Classical?

The light classics have been around for some time. There is a need for this music as a balance.  Why shouldn't the light classics be reinvented?  Technically speaking Alt.Classical  (Avant-pop) at least in this case is a combination of popular song and gesture composition.  Yet the fact remains that as popular music it can't compete in its own arena.  That's new.  In the past folks who crossed over were well established and famous in the pop world.  Most still  are:  Gershwin, Zappa, Paul McCartney etc.  Audiences, or gate keepers, demanded their music.  

Now it seems that the music is going in search of an audience.  That's also new.

My point? 

Avant-pop can't compete with Lady Gaga but it can compete against Milton Babbitt.  

Reconciling songwriting and composition is a subject unto itself.   Zappa, for example, maintained a distinction between his styles as have many other genre jumping composers.  Avant-pop as far as listed is distinction free.

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