Sunday, July 11, 2010

smells like team spirit

It seems that NMB bloggers are obsessed with their "party lines."  Lock step opinions and snobbery etc etc etc. No thinking for themselves.  Strange how anecdotal evidence is used to support belief.  How criticism, and I mean opinion based criticism, not fact supported opinion rules the day.  That politics and log rolling only happen within the other teams. My team right or wrong.  Or rather my team, the currently winning team, is always right.

I supposed that blogging by itself is a self centered activity.  So it is natural that everyone's personal experience becomes the rule of law. 

To me this is worse than the inside bloggers, mostly college teachers, who pretend that its an equal playing field and all the while retaining their prerogatives.  Not to mention pushing their own agendas.  As politicians they are invested with the title of composer and in that light the rest of us are merely the peanut gallery.  No matter how eloquent I might be and no matter how much insight I might provide. No matter how important my composition is. I'm a threat that must be managed. That is why I would rather expose them as hypocrites than advance my own career. A private party is just that.

  Blogging was supposed to be a great equalizer but it's not.

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