Friday, April 16, 2010

more unintended consequences

Just saw a Brecht play-funny everyone rich or poor was a cheat and a liar except for the communist party.  
What Marx would have thought about the soviet union perhaps would be similar to what Adam Smith would think about today's version of free markets.  Anyway this story has been told many times Major Barbara etc.  

Anyway the fall of the soviet union allowed American capitalism to drop any facade of compassion for their employees.  Our captains of industry revealed themselves as buccaneers and at best privateers.   They wreck our country and enrich themselves. They falsify their beginnings become philanthropists. And G-D help us they are taking over education.  

First the public schools are starved for funding. What does no more taxes really mean -- no services. The union busting cavalry do arrive  so college and high school drop outs can call the shots for public education.  By the way what innovation did Microsoft create to make so much money?--vaporware.  Microsoft was never about creating  product it was about marketing product.

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