Saturday, March 27, 2010

Someone agrees with me?

I was just reading the latest post from the Howard Cosell of Music.

At the MET the money is good but the art is lagging because looks trump sound. My, my I predicted that years ago.  As to whether a hot young i.e. inexperienced composer will  come to the rescue seems unlikely. Though in art anything is possible. Yet, in the arts the mainstream has never lead.  Why all of a sudden has this changed? Because a composer of the moment has their momentary success? Because the MET chose to commission a composer of the moment?

As to the alternative audiences created for alternative opera there will never be interpenetration or cross over.  Yoga enthusiasts and massage therapists will like only what they like.  

This is not audience building.

The real problem for the MET is that the lack of competition in the US creates too much focus on what they do.
We see them as speaking for a nation when they don't.

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