Friday, February 19, 2010

Musical Politics

One problem we composers have today is the constant reminder that we must chose a side. A team. Nothing inhibits learning and free inquiry more than the realization that many schools of thought, and their Journals, are discreet insular worlds that do not interact with each other except to attack.

One thing I try to do with my lessons is to show just how much interconnection there is between different styles. There is much common ground between styles and they do share many similar techniques; Motion music and Carter for example. 

The style police would have you think differently. Not just because they don't attend each others concerts. There is an unfortunate interest in having power and this "gamesmanship" is a symptom. 

There are musical teams. They compete.

The advantages of joining a team aside, well your career may depend on it, you must in the end simply tote a party line. That may be a connection to power but it is not and it will never be free thinking.

Musical Politics?

Look around, absorb. Keep an open mind.

No Sonic prejudice.

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