Sunday, January 3, 2010

Avatar and the nature of wish fulfillment

I suppose I get tired of the right wing story line presented as a left wing story line, ie; private property is inviolate, don't mess with the Lord.  The story was as badly written as expected and its hard to forget that the film costs about $50,000 dollars a second. One would have liked the amazing visuals in service of a better cause.

Anyway it seems that Avatar is a great metaphor for the superiority of the digital  life over real life.  Everything is simpler and more beautiful and makes more sense.  Things like eating or bathing just get in the way.  Evidently no one lies or cheats or gets sick in the digital world--really?  Punkbuster anyone? 

This film is not pro science but pro technology--it gives permission to use your cell phone, text, use apps, by all means disappear from our drab and painful world...

One thing.  Being present is one of the optimal points of existence.
The wish being fulfilled here is that its ok not to be. 

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