Thursday, December 17, 2009

What does 5 by 5 mean?

What does 5 by 5 mean?

Five schools five days. No splitting programs to accommodate “no pull out” times. Schedules are one full day in each school. Well as my editorial about NCLB states that testing puts the arts at risk. We now see the details of this in action. Especially true as principals have the right to use their budgets to buy extra teaching days for us from the district. 

Obviously these schools chose not to.

Anyway here is a list.

1)We were told we could pull kids for lessons all day long—nope we can't.
2)We were told we would have good, secure, teaching spaces – nope we don't
3)We were told we would be in charge of our daily schedule-well not always.
4)We were not told that we would have to oversee the major downsizing of programs in unfamiliar schools, many from 4 days to 1 day ( a 75% cut). We were not told how to do this.
5)We were not told that some principals still expected the same results anyway with less time.
6)I was told by several principals that they wanted me to teach on Friday because Friday is the teaching day most missed from holidays and district activities.
7)We have no time for communication.
8)We are isolated.
9)When it comes to issues about room sharing we enter the “twilight zone.” We are the minority sharers, 1 day, and we lack political importance.
10)Our five schools were not assigned for any particular reason. They are not close geographically, do not share the same start times.
11)One of our main functions, to unite a school and to create focus, is denied.

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