Friday, November 13, 2009

The composer who would not come in from the cold.. yet

Joanne Hubbard Cossa, Chief Executive Officer of NMB invites me to return to the fold and become a member again. My guess was that this letter was a form letter with some addenda notes provided. After years of membership and nothing to show for it, this is my response.

I was wrong I rejoined--I won't hide my words because I felt them at the time and I don't care for censorship.


Dear Ms. Cossa:

Thank you for your offer, I think if you check your records you will see that I was a member for many years. I applied for the cap grants for years as well, they had a different name then.

So It's like this;

Two years of those years, the years the Minnesota orchestra chose to play my work I applied for the cap [music copy] grants--what grant application could have been stronger than mine? I was denied. Well at that point I realized that our association was a two way street and I no longer wanted the AMC to claim any responsibility for my success. That's how it was.
On the other hand by blogging I help your site create some buzz.

I'm afraid that if I rejoined now and awards came my way folks would think it a quid pro quo.

But your certainly free to try to convince me. What do you say?

Phil Fried

Well I said it and now..... I'm a member again.

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