Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ya Gotta be somebody

I just read a news letter for a musical organization and I have to say it was depressing. You see it was not much about the art as it was about the somebodies and their chosen graduate students. This ties in to my post about folks who ice skate on top of a rink made by others and pretend they built it. Well you see them and not the rink. Easy confusion as most of us take the rink, or the musical world, for granted.

In essence its a private party. A university private party at that. You may be let in to gawk but the members only VIP room is ever present and you don't get in.

On the other hand they also have a problem with relevance. Since they are strictly university based they seek legitimation through interaction and the blessing of the founders, musicians of color, who are not connected with their organization or their university "teams." Interaction is one thing blessing another.

I hope the founders refuse their blessing. At least until its more than a one way street.

I am aware of quite a few composers who think because of "personal" empowerment that they are leaders in their field. A fact completely unknown to the actual leaders in those fields. Their attempts to assert themselves looks ridicules.

Yet when musical decisions are not made by musical judgments look out.

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