Sunday, March 29, 2009

Composers who hate music

This seems a strange proposition doesn't it?

How can a composer hate music?

I have already written about folks including musicians and including composers who harbor sonic prejudices. These prejudices are of no concern to the artistic world unless the composers are actively advancing them. That is they chose to enforce their prejudices with acts of commission and omission, rumor and ridicule. Especially those who pretend they don't.

Music is a big umbrella and I submit that to hate part of it is to hate it all.

These mechanizations are of course doomed to fail. Though they can succeed in the short run music always finds its own equilibrium.

Sonic Embarrassment?

Then there are those composers who are embarrassed by the musical content of their works. How? Well their works may include music or sound but they will feature anything but the music. That is; the editorial, text, dance,visual, light, motion, film, wall of sound, the performers, cult of the personality, or incomprehensibility etc.

Since the "I'll commission anything but Schoenberg rule" still applies to gate keepers ignorance is a boon.

Of course not all folks who use the above feel that way. This is not about them its about those composers, or creators, and can't help repeating how little they know about or care about music. Up for scorn? This includes; trained musicians and singers, acoustic instruments, theory or technique, Schoenberg--who taught John Cage-- etc.

One might ask why it is always the rich and privileged that claim that classical music isn't street enough? Still it seems that they desperately need to be included in classical music (actual to replace it) and their hate seen as something else other than naked self promotion. That's the musical trend of the day don't ya know?

Hate is a form of ignorance.

Phil Fried, no sonic prejudice

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