Friday, February 6, 2009

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Its easy to find a tautology to support ones likes and dislikes, and every dog has their day--It's just that one wonders what folks will say about our current composition scene 30 year from now-will they be as kind as Alex Ross was to 30 years ago? Probably not.

Artificial trends?
By philmusic

Artistic trends change and folks always find a way to show the rightness of this change. Especially if they like the new trend better.

That politics was partially responsible for the "artificial" support of non-tonal music seems plausible. Arnold Schoenberg as the"godfather" forcing those other composers to "sleep with da fishes" is not.

In either case this misses a much more important story.

Over the last decades American capitalism has abandoned any pretense of caring for the American worker - its not like their going to go out become communists are they?

The unintended results of the fall of communism is this:

The benevolence and artistic liberalism of American capitalism is revealed to be a sham. Jettisoned as soon as its not needed.

Why should the support serial or any difficult art be any different?

Phil Fried

And who may I ask is artificially supporting today's insiders?

Now a joke

Phil's patented operatic resume stuffer-respelled...
By philmusic

Colin: I composed an opera titled:

Leading Opera houses in the United States and Europe.

This work has two singing parts:

Major Roles and Prima Donna

So If you perform my work you can add to your resume:

Performed Major Roles in Leading Opera houses in the United States and Europe.

Or the Prima Donna in Leading Opera houses in the United States and Europe.

Phil Fried-


It seems that its the same conversations again and again folks pretending to have opinions being "bad" saying dumb and dumber things so I get w-ell you'll see:

By philmusic

"...A charge that was raised herein, and one which frequently gets raised by folks who are anti-modernist, is that modernism engages in a willful obfuscation with the audience..."










credit swap

Am I getting warm?

Phil Fried

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